Privacy Policy is built on anonymity. With that said, there are some important privacy truths that you may want (or need) to know. We'll try to steer clear of too much legalese and fine print, mostly because we don't understand it either.

What We Do:

Generally, we don't collect information on our users on an individual level. Like a lot of sites, we collect information about the traffic interviewspy receives including, but obviously not limited to, IP addresses, geographic location, browser type, and referring sites. We never store (or request) any identifying information about you, and we definitely don't link any interview data we receive with a user. We do use your IP address to make sure you don't vote for stuff a million times, but, for the sake of anonymity, we hash it to render it unreadable and unrecoverable to anyone else. We might use the aggregate traffic data to sell ads, but we don't yet, and we'll make sure to change this if we do. Oh, and the only cookies we use are the ones we eat. Our third-party vendors, though, may do differently (see below).

What Our Advertisers Do:

This is when things start getting a bit more legal, but please don't stop reading. This is the stuff you might want to know. Our only advertiser at the moment is Google, who we use to display those nifty ads that help us pay for the site. They DO use cookies (the inedible, browser kind) to serve the ads based on a user's (that's you) prior visits to interviewspy. They use something called the DoubleClick DART Cookie to serve ads based on your visits to interviewspy, as well as other sites on the internet. You may opt-out of this cookie capade by visiting Google's advertising opt-out page.

In addition, our friends at Google also have their own friends - or, in this case, third-party ad networks that may also serve ads on interviewspy. These vendors are certified by Google, and a full list of potential ad providers is listed in this helpful answer. You can also opt-out of some (but not all) of these cookies at this handy page. If you really hate cookies (chocolate-chip, browser, or otherwise), you may be able to opt out of individual vendors on their respective websites, which are listed two links ago, or here for good measure.


We've tried to cover everything in this Privacy Policy, but if you have more specific questions, or if you're just really hungry for some cookies now, please feel free to email me at

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